Rebecca A. Younk, Au.D.


Dr. Rebecca A. Younk, Au.D. is the owner and chief audiologist at Associated Hearing Care. Dr. Younk graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders in 1997 from Truman State University, her Masters of Science in Audiology from Washington University in St. Louis in 1999 and her Doctor of Audiology from the University of Florida in 2007. If she didn’t have to make money to live she would still be in school getting yet another degree. But to work she must go…

Dr. Younk believes in the holistic approach to hearing care for her patients – dismissing the notion of a “one size fits all” solution for individuals with hearing loss. By spending time with the patient, Dr. Younk likes to find the right tools, techniques and products that will provide the optimal outcome. At the end of the day, it is all about effective communication – making sure grandparents hear their grandchildren, working adults excel at work and children benefit from the necessary sounds around them to grow to their full potential.

When not at the office, Dr. Younk spends most of her time trying to keep up with her young daughters, Willa and Sailor.


Patti Kleven, NBC-HIS

Patti Kleven joined Associated Hearing Care in February 1975. Patti is Nationally Board Certified in hearing instrument science and is Minnesota State Certified as a hearing instrument specialist. Patti has been an active member of the Minnesota Department of Health Hearing Instrument Dispenser Examination Committee for over 20 years and been influential in ensuring stringent standards are maintained in the licensure of hearing aid dispensers.

Patti is passionate about providing extensive consultation and education to her patients. She has said, “We are talking about quality of life, not just hearing loss. That means it is our responsibility to give each patient the opportunity to explore the optimum technology options and find the most practical solution for their particular hearing loss. I know my day has been successful when I see the excitement in the eyes and the smiles on the faces of a patient and their family when they first experience life through a new set of hearing aids.”


Roxi Sevelius – Billing Manager

Roxi Sevelius came to Associated Hearing Care in April of 2001 as the front office coordinator where she was responsible for keeping the patients entertained and the hearing care professionals on time. She showed such promise she was promoted to office manager in 2006. Like all good promotions – more duties were added to Roxi’s plate which she took on with gusto. Now she was responsible for insurance billing, inventory management and tasked with becoming the assistive listening device expert! Go ahead – ask her about the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, hearing aid batteries or any other device in our reception area – she will know the details. 

Experiencing the direct impact of hearing loss on communication in her family, Roxi knew this was the right job for her. Both her father and mother-in-law lived with hearing loss for much of their adult lives. Her mother-in-law was only in her early 20s when she lost her hearing during a bombing raid on London in WW II.

Roxi’s favorite thing about her job is interacting with people. She is a good listener and wants to hear all about the lives of our patients. She wants to make sure everyone feels like they are part of a family and not just a “patient.” She will always great you with a smile and a “Good Morning or Afternoon!”