Read the Reviews for Associated Hearing of St. Paul, Inc. from Our St. Paul MN Friends!

“I just wanted to let you know that I love-love-love my ReSound hearing aid! It really helped me realize how much I was actually missing! Wow! It has made such a big difference. I was at a place where an overhead TV was on, and someone sitting next to me asked what the person on the TV had said, and I was actually able to tell her—I could not have done this in March. Yippee! Again, thanks for your assessment, explanations, advice, and support. You made the process very easy, and I’ll recommend you and your office to anyone who might ask.”
— Jean R.

“I am very impressed with Associated Hearing—what a great team! Roxy the receptionist is friendly and very knowledgeable about the assistive devices available for purchase at the clinic. My audiologist worked closely with me to ensure I got the hearing aids that best fit my needs. Adjustments were made to the hearing aid settings as needed.”
— Eric N.

“Today, I met with Associated Hearing Instruments of St. Paul, Inc. We discussed in detail some options with my new bi-lateral hearing aids (phonak) BTE and my loop system that I have available to use as needed. We ended up taking out one program and adding a (mute) program to aid me in using the phone at work. We decided that this might be a good feature for me to use at work to get rid of background noise and be able to concentrate on the phone call. It should be known that we have several options yet available to adjust to in the event that they may be needed.

I also asked Kim if she could/would assist with adjustment at the work site in the event that she would be needed to do so. Kim assured me that she would be able to bring her laptop to the work site and make any adjustment that may be needed to assist me in the workplace. This is a big benefit for my employer as well as myself and all that are associated with the transition into the workplace.

I would further like all of you to know that Kim put forth an effort that was second to none in obtaining these aids and making sure that I had the equipment that I needed to best serve me and my hearing loss. We had countless appointments with various adjustments over the weeks and months to get to where we are today.

Technology has come a long, long way to serve people that are hard of hearing and at the same time has given us several options for adjustments and program changes that just a few short years ago was unheard of. I want all of you to know that Kim used many of the resources available to her to make sure that I had the very best quality of hearing that I could have, given my loss as shown on my Audiogram. I must say that Kim has an untiring commitment to those of us that are hard of hearing and I am very fortunate to have her on my transition team.”
– David L.

“Just thought I would touch base with you and let you know how much I like the new aids. All our friends here at the lake say that I can hear much better than I could with my old ones. I have not had to use the dry-aids once, and believe me I have done some heavy perspiring working outside in 85-90 degree heat.

I generally use the third setting down from the top volume and the voice quality is the best I ever had.

We don’t have a Bluetooth capable phone, but I paired it with my daughter’s phone and the voice quality is fantastic. So we are looking for a new cell phone. Our regular phone is just a cheap one and it works pretty well there too.

My wife likes using the smart link and, with the long antenna, she can talk to me any place within 100 ft. and sometimes even farther, which is nice if I am working out in the yard or my shop. It works well when we are sitting with friends around the table or at the campfires, too. I have replaced the batteries once since getting them so it seems to be better at conserving the batteries.

They’re pretty good all-around aren’t they!”
– Dick D.

“I was fit with a new Radius 2 ITE and I love it! I just turn the aid on in the morning and the volume is set for the rest or the day. Plus it deals with traffic better than anything else I have tried.”
– Lars M